The Southern Kingdoms

Here There Be Dragons
A Magnificent Beast is Harbinger of a Looming Shadow

The party is greeted as heroes when they arrive at Falore with the rest of the captives. The mayor provides rooms for them to express the people’s gratitude, and invites the party to a council with the city leaders and captain of the guard to decide what action to take regarding this threat recently uncovered.

During the day before the council gathering, the party takes the recovered diary to a goblin linguist at the local college. They also give the town’s best alchemist a sample of the strange potion they recovered from the witches lab. He requires some time to analyze it, so the party plans to return in a few days.

At the Falore Council meeting, it is decided, based on the party’s findings and the information gathered from the translated diary, that the party will be hired to accompany a force from the town guard in an expedition into Greenwood to exterminate any further menace from the hobgoblins and the witches coven.

Traveling deep into the woods, the party locates the witches dingy camp. They defeat the witches and their bullywug minions, but not before the witches are able to call the aid of a young dragon named Lofwyr, who claims to be the whelp of the great dragon Helgebolg. The party proved too strong for Lofwyr, and defeated him despite his attempts to escape once it became apparent the battle was not going in his favor.The party left some of the town guardsmen to guard his corpse and deal with any remaining coven members who might come wandering back, and made their way back to Falore. That evening as they traveled from the wood’s edge to the main road they saw a strange reddish glow well up in the sky in the direction of Cor Winnish…

Into the Woods
Strange Happenings in the Greenwood

As they ventured further into the swampy forest, the party is set upon by a group of crazed forest beasts accompanied by a few bullywugs and bugbears. The animals’ aggressive behavior is quite strange, and the forest itself seems to grow more twisted and dark as they follow their captors’ trail, one that eventually leads to a cave plunging down into the earth. Opting to rest and watch the area before investigating the cave, Elf Chick uses a magic ritual to shape tents for her party and the townsfolk from the nearby forest. A beautiful woman who has been flirting with Lurtz out of gratitude for her rescue invites herself into the party’s tent to keep him company. During the night watch, Elf Chick sees Cyprian leave the tent with his sword and head out into the forest toward the cave. Upon returning to the tent to wake the next guard, Elf Chick finds the woman gone and Cyprian fast asleep, relieved of his sword.

The party is roused and pursues the woman into the cave, where she is revealed to be a hag using magic to pose as a beautiful woman. She rouses some men, who seem charmed to her control, to attack the party as she flees deeper into the cave. After defeating the charmed men, the party finds her in a large hall accompanied by hobgoblin soldiers and a hobgoblin mage. Fighting fiercely, the party defeats the hag and her allies, and is able to recover Cyprian’s sword, along with a diary kept by the hobgoblin captain and vials of a strange liquid whose alchemical properties they are unable to determine.

Further exploring the cave, the party finds a long hallway leading to an exit near the wood’s edge, and guide the townsfolk back to Falore.

A Strange Play Indeed
The Beginning of a Grand Adventure

The party meets in the small Southern town of Cor Winnish, where a merchant named Feargus Arquhart hires them to escort him North to the city of Falor. On the way they encounter some strangely belligerent bears, strayed far from Greenwood Forest. Upon reaching Falor, Feargus gives the party tickets to a traveling play named The Ochre Emperor, out of gratitude for their protection from the bears.

Performed by strange, lurching little men and some ragged old crones, the play has a mysterious effect that causes all those in attendance to fall into a deep sleep. The victims, including the party, are then abducted deep into the Greenwood to a dank swamp and placed in crude wooden cages. Upon waking, the party brakes out of their cages and defeats the bullywugs holding them captive. They free the other captives but find that their magical slumber has robbed from them any sense of their location. Their only recourse is to follow the tracks of the bullywugs’ carts further into the forest. Before heading off, Lurtz makes a snack of one of the defeated bullywugs, much to his stomach’s detriment.


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