The Southern Kingdoms

A Strange Play Indeed

The Beginning of a Grand Adventure

The party meets in the small Southern town of Cor Winnish, where a merchant named Feargus Arquhart hires them to escort him North to the city of Falor. On the way they encounter some strangely belligerent bears, strayed far from Greenwood Forest. Upon reaching Falor, Feargus gives the party tickets to a traveling play named The Ochre Emperor, out of gratitude for their protection from the bears.

Performed by strange, lurching little men and some ragged old crones, the play has a mysterious effect that causes all those in attendance to fall into a deep sleep. The victims, including the party, are then abducted deep into the Greenwood to a dank swamp and placed in crude wooden cages. Upon waking, the party brakes out of their cages and defeats the bullywugs holding them captive. They free the other captives but find that their magical slumber has robbed from them any sense of their location. Their only recourse is to follow the tracks of the bullywugs’ carts further into the forest. Before heading off, Lurtz makes a snack of one of the defeated bullywugs, much to his stomach’s detriment.



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